About Us
Robert Joor and Jeniffer Wisneski

Robert G. Joor was born into the industry in December of 1979. His grandfather Garrett Joor was the original owner of Joor Bros. Welding INC. The corporation started just as WWII had ended. After Garrett's passing, his two sons Robert J. Joor and William G. Joor took over the operation for many years. As the years passed, Robert G. Joor soon became the next in line to operate the family business. With every certification under his belt, along with a lifetime of experience, he hit the ground running. As the brothers grew older they decided to close the doors and retire in July 2016. Robert then decided to take a gamble and open his own company with his fiancé Jeniffer Wisneski. With odds against them, they opened in November 2016.